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Exhaust Fans

Viron® International does not make one of the best fans in the corrosion resistant ventilation industry, Viron simply put, makes THE BEST fan. Viron® International understands that fans are, if not the most important, they are one of the most important pieces of equipment in our “Complete System Solution” concept. The fan is what moves the exhaust air through the system. Viron® International’s AMCA certified VCB Series Fans combine features that make our VCB Fans the most reliable in Industrial, Municipal and Metal Finishing markets.

Viron® International Corporation fabricates and markets other fan products such as our VPB Series Fans and VLB Series Fans.

• AMCA Certified.
• A “true” heavy duty heavy gauge steel base.
• Powder Coated base for excellent weatherablility even in extreme climates.
• Efficient Backward Incline Solid FRP Wheel.
• Dynamic Balanced Wheels.
• 20 convenient sizes to best fit applications.
• Standard Items such as drains, access doors, shaft seal.
• Available in PVC,PP and FRP construction.
• Fabricated by Viron® International Corporation.

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