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Modular Horizontal Scrubbers


Viron International’s VMH Series was specifically developed for odor control within the Municipal Market. The modular system packages an 8’-12’ packed bed chemical scrubber into a multi chamber-horizontal flow system. The VMH Series reduces the typical 20’-30’ vertical multi-stage scrubber system into a “maintenance friendly” horizontal design. The VMH Series can be designed to either induce the contaminated air stream into the scrubber with the system fan or put the fan on the exhaust – clean air side of the scrubber.

The VMH Series can also handle multiple chemistry within the air stream, typically Ammonia and H2S. Sizes for the VMH Series range from 500-25,000 cfm. The VMH Series is available in thermoplastic – PVC (PolyVinylChloride) – PP (Polypropylene), FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and Dual Laminate substrates. Steel fabrication is also available. Viron International is unique within the Municipal market in that Viron actually fabricates its own products unlike most of its competitors. Viron International fabricates and markets through their exclusive Manufacture Representative Network scrubbers, duct, AMCA dampers, AMCA fans, stacks, controls, etc to offer a complete system solution concept.

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