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Blower Scrubbers

PVC Blower Scrubber

The VBS Series combines a vertical scrubber with Viron® International‘s VCB Series Fan to offer the marketplace a lower cost alternative to the standard scrubber – fan-duct layout for lower cfm applications. Standard sizes range from 500 cfm to 15,000 cfm. The VBS Series is available in a variety of substrates including PVC (PolyVinylChloride), PP (PolyPropylene), FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), Dual-Laminate and various Metals. The VBS Series is available with either a remote recirculation system or self-contained recirculation system. Standard features include: access doors, packing cleanout doors, removable spray headers, packing, recirculation pump(s), drain, mist eliminator, TEFC motors along with optional equipment to best serve your particular application. The proven technology of the VBS Series has made it the product of choice in a variety of applications in all markets served by Viron® International Corporation.

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