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Viron® International Corporation has been fabricating its Union Labeled – Factory Mutual (FM) SSTeelcoat® duct product in its Texas facility since the early 1990’s. The SSTeelcoat® product also carries the CE certification for installations within the European Economic Area. This unique product is a stainless steel duct that carries a fluoropolymer coating (ECTFE) on the interior for maximum corrosion resistance. Viron®’s SSTeelcoat® product was developed for the High Tech industry but has gained popularity recently as an alternative exhaust duct product within the Industrial and Municipal marketplace.

SSTeelcoat® duct sizes range from 1.5”Ø to 120”Ø. Rectangular duct is available. The SSTeelcoat® system is a contractor friendly Van Stone – Angle Ring connection. Viron® also offers its “Quick Clamp” connection system for smaller diameter duct. The “Quick Clamp” system is especially effective in tight-limited installation areas. Viron® includes with all SSTeelcoat® systems the necessary hardware and gaskets for complete installation. The catalog and support information will give information on the FM certified SSTeelcoat® product.

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