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Chrome Scrubbers

VCS Chrome Scrubber 2

Viron® International Corporation has established itself as a leader in the collection of chromic acid in chrome plating applications. Viron®’s VIRO-CHROME 9000 Series Chrome Scrubber systems have been meeting the stringent efficiency requirements in place and solving customer’s emission concerns since 1971. The VIRO CHROME 9000 Series was designed to meet the California Hexavalent Emission requirements along with Federal Emission standards. The VIRO-CHROME 9000 has exceeded these requirements of 0.006 mg/Amp hour of Chrome Emissions.

The VIRO-Chrome 9000 Series is available in PVC – Type I and FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). Viron® Engineering has developed a unique FRP laminate construction to maximize the performance of FRP in the harsh environmental of scrubbing chromic acid.

If your corrosion resistant application requires the control on chrome emissions you will need to contact Viron® International to insure that the VIRO-CHROME 900 Series system is the design of choice.

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