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Viron® International Corporation fabricates and markets a full line of damper products that compliment other equipment within the corrosive ventilation systems. Viron® International’s VI-A-TROL® damper product line is a series of certified low-leakage AMCA Certified products approved to 30″ w.g. Butterfly Dampers, Blastgate Dampers, Inlet Vane, Opposed Blade, Backward Design and Louvers are also available. Material of Construction includes PVC, PP, FRP, SST and SSTeelcoat®. Viron® International damper products are fabricated to NBS P15-69 and SMACNA Standards. Products that carry the Viron® International label ensures the finest in quality within our markets.

VI-A-TROL® Dampers are AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) certified to bear the AMCA label. The VI-A-TROL® dampers are control dampers tested to the rigorous AMCA tests. The VI-A-TROL® dampers are AMCA certified to 30” w.g. Round and Rectangular dampers are available. The VI-A-TROL® dampers are constructed per NBS PS15-69 standards along with meeting ASTM D2584-68, ASTM D4385-84a and ASTM D3982-92 Specifications. Consult the brochure for additional information or contact Viron® Technical Service.

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