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PVC Ductwork

PVC Duct Drops

Viron® International Corporation offers corrosion resistant exhaust ducts in numerous thermoplastic materials. Material of construction includes PVC (polyvinylchloride), PP (polypropylene) and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride). Sizes range from 4”Ø to 72”Ø including straight duct and fittings necessary to complete a total system layout. Rectangular duct is available.

The thermoplastic duct is fabricated in Viron®’s company owned facility in Owosso, Michigan. Viron® offers a Factory Mutual (FM) certified product, VI-A-DUC® in PVC. Welding materials and equipment are available for a complete system installation. Viron® Field Services is available to install and/or assist customers with their PVC duct installation if required. Specifications, fabrication sheets and technical data is available in the catalog. Contact Viron® Engineering for any technical assistance required.

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