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Viron® International Corporation offers the most complete line of duct products of any manufacturer, with duct ranging from 1.5″Ø to 120″Ø that serves any odorous-corrosive application. Viron®’s duct products offer customers the most variety with multiple substrates available to match the correct duct products to the specific application.

• PVC, PP, CPVC, FRP and SST Fabrication
• Round and Rectangular
• Flange, Coupled or Butt Connection
• Complete line of Standard Fittings, Dampers, Stacks and Stack Caps
• Class 1 Duct Designation
• Factory Mutual (FM) Approved Products
• Built to ASTM and SMACNA Standards
• Certified Thermoplastic and Metal Welders
• Union Certified FRP and Metal Shop

FRP Ductwork
PVC Ductwork