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PVC/FRP/Poly Pro Centrifugal Fans VCB-1100

Centrifugal Blower


Viron International Corporation’s VCB-1100 Series Centrifugal Fans are considered the most efficient-
dependable corrosion resistant fans servicing the Municipal-Industrial-Metal Finishing Markets. The
VCB-1100 Series Centrifugal Fans are fabricated at Viron’s facilities in Owosso, Michigan and Temple,
Texas. The VCB-1100 Fans are available in PVC, PP and FRP construction and are licensed to bear the
AMCA (Air Moving and Control Association) Seal. The ratings are based on testing and procedures
performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 and comply with the requirements of the amca logo AMCA
Certified Ratings Program.

The VCB-1100 Series Fans are fabricated in 20 standard sizes with wheel diameters from 12” to 80”
producing air volumes from 400 to 100,000 CFM. The VCB-1100 Series Fans utilize a solid fiberglass
backward incline wheel in premium grade vinyl ester resin. This wheel design offers one of the highest
efficient-quietest operations of any fan manufactured. The “true” heavy gauge pedestal steel base is made with plate steel to give the VCB-1100 Series Fan a solid base/foundation to maximize the
structural integrity. The metal base is also powder coated to give superior weatherability. The VCB-1100 Series Fans additional features are within the VCB-Series catalog. The catalog will show performance data, dimensions, fan accessories and weights of Viron FQ First Quality Centrifugal Fans.

Centrifugal Fan Centrifugal Fan Centrifugal Fan
Centrifugal Fan Centrifugal Fan Centrifugal Fan
Centrifugal Fan Centrifugal Fan Centrifugal Fan