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VRV Viron Roof Ventilator



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Viron International Corporation’s VRV Series Fans

Viron International Corporation’s Roof Ventilator-VRV Series Fan Products -is a unique design built to Viron’s “FQ” First Quality standards while offering the customer the best in a roof ventilator. The VRV Fans are completely corrosion resistant and offered in PVC, PP and FRP construction. The VRV Fans shares the same wheel design, solid FRP backward incline centrifugal wheel, as the popular VCB Series Fans. This wheel design not only gives maximum reliability and corrosion resistance but ensures the customer of a dependable proven product.

The low profile design of the VRV Fans is ideal for rooftop installations. The discharge is 360° for maximum distribution of the exhaust air eliminating the need for an exhaust stack. The VRV Fans are belt driven utilizing a TEFC motor (standard) that creates a low noise level along with external bearings and belts for easy access. The integral curb cap combined with the high impact material of construction (PVC, PP, FRP) give the VRV Fans stability. The VRV Series Fans are available in nine (9) sizes with CFM’s ranging from 1466 – 47,376.