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Centrifugal Fan
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VIRON® INTERNATIONAL is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant PVC and FIBERGLASS fans. Our manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Texas operate the most modern equipment and efficient manpower found in the fan industry. Our PVC and FIBER GLASS Centrifugal Fans are produced in 20 standard sizes with wheel diameters ranging from 12" to 80", allowing our fans to produce volumes from 400 to 150,000 CFM.

PVC/FRP Poly Pro Centrifugal Fans VCB-1100 Brochure


FRP Centrifigul Exhaust System Specifications


PVC Poly Pro Centrifigual Fans Specifications


PVC/FRP Poly Pro Centrifigul Fans VCB-1100

centrifigual fan

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centrifugal fan back